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Burberry Womens Sunglasses

Burberry is a British brand that offers a variety of items, from coats and footwear to makeup, scarves, and other accessories, though their sunglasses are crafted in Italy. Their womens sunglasses collection offers a large assortment of styles that are designed to help protect your eyes from the suns rays. The numerous collections of Burberry sunglasses contain items that vary in frame shape, lens and frame color, arm thickness, and more, providing you with many choices to suit your desired fashion look.

What are the features of Burberry sunglasses?

The Burberry check pattern is one of their signature looks that has been around since early in the brands history. Burberry has applied this pattern to many of their womens sunglasses. Other patterns to consider include tortoiseshell frames as well as a variety of colored sunglasses frames, such as black, burgundy, navy, clear, and grey. Burberry sunglasses also come with their own case to store and protect sunglasses when you arent wearing them.

  • Frame: The frames offered on these Burberry sunglasses vary, ranging from thin aviator styles and a more rounded frame style to a cat-eye shape with a thicker frame. Another signature style of sunglasses frame is the keyhole frame, which has a cutout between the lenses for accent. Some frames are adjustable for a custom fit.
  • Lens: The lenses of the womens sunglasses in Burberry collections vary in color and tinting, including lighter rose-colored options, mirrored glass, and simple blacks.
  • Arm: The arm of the Burberry sunglasses in the womens Check Collection sport the check pattern. The arms vary in thickness, so if you want more of the Burberry check pattern visible, opt for the thicker arm. Another signature of Burberry sunglasses is the brands name engraved on the arm of each pair. Some sunglasses have embellishments on the arms, such as a buckle detail.
Do Burberry sunglasses offer UV protection?

Some of the womens sunglasses offered by Burberry are polarized sunglasses, which are designed to provide ultraviolet protection. Gradient lenses also offer UVA and UVB protection from the sun.

What frame shapes do Burberry sunglasses have?

Burberry sunglasses are crafted in a variety of frame shapes to provide unique looks that can be chosen to complement the shape of your face.

  • Aviator: Burberrys womens aviator sunglasses generally have a thin metal frame with a bar that runs along the brow line.
  • Square: These Burberry frames can be thick or thin, and the square lens can be defined or have more subtle rounded edges.
  • Round: Burberry round frames come in different frame thicknesses and with unique features, such as the keyhole bridge.
  • Half Frame: This Burberry variety is generally rounded in shape, but the frame only encompasses the upper half of the lens.
  • Oversized and Cat-eye: The specific shape of these sunglasses can incorporate both square and round looks, depending on the product.
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