Bulk DVD and CD Paper Sleeves

Instead of keeping family memories and business information in bulky 3-ring binders, you could pass down CDs and DVDs. In this case, business and personal photos, music, and documents stored on discs need protection from grazes and spills. Use paper sleeves for long-term storage or when distributing discs to customers or friends. You can purchase CD and DVD paper sleeves in bulk in packs of 100, 500, and 1,000 sleeves. Furthermore, they fit standard-size CDs and DVDs, and many contain a scratch-reducing material to safeguard your valuable information. Shop on eBay for these low-cost storage solutions with organizational features.

What Features Should You Consider When Shopping for CD and DVD Sleeves?

  • Windows: A clear plastic window, normally a 4-inch circle, made from a plastic, such as Mylar or Tyvek, allows you to see the label without opening the protector. Youll be able to find a specific disc quickly whether the sleeves are stacked, upright on a shelf, or stored in a container.
  • White and Multi-Color Sleeves: For convenience and to save time, color code your data by category using multicolor sleeves. Otherwise, use a marker to write on white paper sleeves or apply a removable label to make notations regarding the contents. Writing on the disc is not recommended unless you use a water-based marker.
  • Closures: Tuck in ungummed flaps or use peel and stick, self-adhesive closures that press and close to seal out dust and debris.

How Do CD and DVD Paper Sleeves Protect the Contents?

  • Light Exposure: The suns UV rays can penetrate discs, thereby causing a photochemical reaction that could damage or deteriorate the recording layer. Never leave a CD exposed to direct sunlight for long periods, such as on your cars dashboard. Return a disc to its paper CD sleeve immediately after use to safeguard the data.
  • Moisture: Accidents happen, such as turning over a bottle of nail polish remover, cleaning products, and rubber cement. Paper sleeves keep solvents and other liquids from soaking into a CD, which could cause permanent damage.
  • Wear and Tear: Economical packaging solutions like disc sleeves protect your data when moving and handling the CD or DVD. Tiny scratches occur normally, whereas deep, wide gouges on the label side can cause permanent damage. In this case, scratch-resistant sleeves made from polypropylene plastic may reduce scratching when removing and returning discs to their protectors. Some people use polypropylene protectors for archival storage because the material adjusts to a wide range of temperatures and resists chemicals.