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Brown Flats and Oxfords for Women

When it comes to womens shoes, flats and oxfords can be some of the most comfortable types. Whether its a day at the office or a casual stroll through a museum with a friend, womens brown flats or brown oxfords can be the perfect addition to your outfit. Although known for being plainer than other shoe types, womens flats are well-known for their versatility and comfort and come in many other colors in addition to brown and black.

How do you select a comfortable pair of womens flats?

Finding a comfortable pair of flats can be done with a few simple steps:

  • Soles: For maximum shock absorption, look for womens shoes with a leather or rubber sole.
  • Avoiding foot pain: If you suffer from foot pain, choose womens flats or oxfords with a slight heel. A little bit of a heel on womens flats and oxfords can give you relief from some foot pain.
  • Insoles: Select flats or oxfords that have leather or suede inner soles as they are more flexible and breathable. This will help prevent blistering and chafing. These insole materials also mold to the feet to make the shoe more comfortable for most women.
  • Toe shape: For ultimate comfort, round toe flats and oxfords are preferable. Womens shoes with this shape allow the foot to be in its natural shape and provide room for the toes to move.
  • Secure fit: The shoe you choose should fit snugly and hold your foot secure. Slippage in any womens shoe type can cause blisters and even cuts, making even the most comfortable shoe difficult to wear. You will also want to be sure the brown flats or oxfords you select have plenty of padding for comfort.
How do you pair flats with outfits?

First, dont be afraid to invest in several good pairs of flat or oxford shoes. You will likely wear them more than you wear heels or other shoe types. Next, follow these tips:

  • If your outfit is simple and basic, feel free to experiment with a bolder flat. This could be a flat with bright or multiple colors or even one that has an intricate design. However, the opposite is also true. If your outfit is bold with more detail, select a casual black or brown flat.
  • You may be in the habit of matching your shoe color with your outfit. You can, however, also select a contrasting shoe color. You will want to be sure that the color tone has the same or similar saturation to other colors in your clothing for the day. Combinations like black and white, red and yellow, or green and blue often work well together.
  • Avoid shoes with ankle straps if you are short. They will only serve to make you look even shorter.