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Braun Men's Electric Shavers

Braun Men's Electric Shavers are designed for daily use to either trim or remove facial and body hair. Electric shavers such as the Braun CoolTec offer a variety of features to better fit your lifestyle and usage needs. As shaving and trimmer technology have evolved so too have electric shavers, becoming more convenient and easier to use than in the past.

What features do Braun electric shavers have?

As electric shavers permeated the market, their technology advanced as well. Braun electric shavers have a wide selection of additional features to choose from, helping you find a shaver that better fits your needs. Available features include:

  • Integrated cleaning systems and cleaning indicators
  • Hair trimmer attachments
  • Cordless versions
  • Waterproof and wet and dry units
  • Battery level and usage indicators

Can you shave large areas with an electric shaver?

Yes, electric shavers can be used on large areas of the body. In addition to use with facial hair, they can also be used on the chest, back, legs, etc. Be sure to use a trimmer on these areas before shaving for best results. Also, electric shavers are not intended to be used on your head. While it is okay to use your shaver on the edges of your scalp, using a Braun Series device to completely shave your scalp can prematurely dull the blades.

Can electric shavers be stored in the shower?

As a general rule, if a Braun item is indicated as waterproof, it is safe to store in the shower. However, if you do not see waterproofing as a feature, then the device should not be stored anywhere where there is a high water saturation potential.

How long will the battery last in your shaver?

Any rechargeable device should last anywhere between three and five years if taken care of in the way recommended by the instruction manual. Follow these steps to ensure the longevity and efficacy of the battery:

  • Step 1: Read the instruction manual before use.
  • Step 2: Before your first shave, ensure that the battery is completely charged to maximum capacity.
  • Step 3: Use the unit until the battery is fully depleted.
  • Step 4: Fully recharge the device again.

Repeat this process at least one more time, and again at another point in the year. This helps the battery use its whole capacity.

How should you clean your shaver?

The type of shaver you have determines how the device should be cleaned. First, remove the shaver from any charging devices. For "washable" shavers, turn the device on and rinse the shaving head under warm or hot running water. Turn it off, disassemble the shaver, and let it fully dry. Many kits also have brushes included to aid with the cleaning process.

If the shaver is not marked washable, turn the item on for five to ten seconds with the blade housing removed. This process shakes free any stubble from the unit. Use a brush, either included or purchased separately, to scrub away any additional remnants.