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Bose Headphone Designs for Your Life, Your Music, Your Way

Your choice of headphones can be a reflection of your personality just as clearly as the music you like. The right Bose headphones or earphones can prove useful in a variety of situations whether you're using headphones while working out or listening to music while studying. Here is information about Bose devices to help you choose how to enhance your music.

What are important factors used to choose headphones?

Type and fit design are significant aspects for deliberation when choosing your headphones. Only you can determine what is comfortable for your ears and what allows you to hear and enjoy music to its full extent.

Earbuds and headphones are the two types available, and fit designs consist of in-ear only or headbands. After determining type and fit, you can consider other matters.

How do you decide which earpiece features to choose?

Generally, decisions regarding features depend on your plans for music listening such as these:

  • Extra bass for those that like that driving, pounding music beat.
  • Noise cancellation and noise isolation for those noisy environments.
  • Stereo surround sound to enhance the listening experience.
  • Built-in on/off switch, playback controls, and volume controls can help you control your music more completely.
  • A detachable cable or foldable, rotating ear cups can assist with re-sizing needs.
  • Replaceable earpads, replaceable ear tips, and foam tips are available.
  • Volume limitation, closed back, and in-line control can ensure that your headphones don't make too much noise.
  • A mic or microphone can assist in talking on the go.
What are some practical influences involved in earpiece choices?
  • Decide what will be their ultimate use. Any plans for use with a mobile/cellular device will influence your decision.
  • Thoughts of using them as Portable Audio devices might sway your design considerations.
  • If your plans include combining them with a mobile unit as well as a portable audio item, your decision may lead you in another direction.
  • Mixing your music with sports may prove to be a rationale for other practicalities.
  • Wired or wireless options are determined in part by where you plan to use your device.
What are individual earpiece designs?

These are designs based on personal preferences for earpiece placement on or in your ear. There are designs for Canal Earbuds placed and used directly in the ear canal. Another individualized design are earbuds. These include the Bose SoundSport In-Ear device that comes in colors such as green. Ear Cups are styles for those who are partial to a type worn closely around and over the ear. Individual types devised for wearing over the ear with a headband attached are headphones. Inline earpieces have a microphone embedded in the connector band or casing.

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