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Bosch Rexroth Pneumatic Valves

Bosch Rexroth is a technology and engineering manufacturer that creates components for various hydraulic systems and applications. Rexroth's valves for pneumatics come in an array of shapes and sizes that can serve a variety of purposes.

What is a pneumatic valve and how does it work?

A valve, in its simplest form, manages and directs the flow of fluid in pipes and cylinders. The valves used in pneumatics are designed to control and direct air in a pipe, cylinder, or hydraulic technology system. They control the rate, pressure, and amount of air in a device. These types of systems use the force of compressed air to create power. There are many varieties of these components, and they are made of many types of materials, like carbon, plastic, metal, and composite.

What types of pneumatic valves are there?

There are many types of pneumatic valves, and each can have different uses. They can be divided into three main categories.

  • Functional directional-control: This is considered the largest classification because it encompasses models that can serve multiple purposes. They are usually classified based on the amount of entry/exit ports they create, the mechanism that they open or close, or their positioning. They simply manage which direction a flow is going. Common types under this category include two-, three-, and four-way valves. These can move manually and pneumatically.
  • Pressure relief: These types exhaust pressure to relieve the pressure at an inlet port. They control pressure in air-storage devices and receivers to prevent excessive pressurization.
  • Flow control: These types are seen less frequently, but they control the flow or velocity of air.
What types of pneumatic valves does Bosch Rexroth make?

Bosch Rexroth is a worldwide company and manufacturer of technology for engineering industries. They produce a wide array of components, including products for pneumatics. You can find Rexroth types like on/off, safety, pressure, and logic models, as well as many others. They can be used in a range of applications from flow-control to pressure isolation. Each type comes in an assortment of cylinder sizes and materials.

You can find Rexroth hydraulic directional-control products like two-, three-, and four-way valves. This type is also divided into directional-seat and directional-spool categories. Directional seats are direct-operated, and directional spools are pilot-operated. Rexroth proportional models, cartridge models, and isolator options are available. Isolators block the flow of air in one direction and include check, shut-off, and prefill valves.

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