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Bond No. 9 Unisex Fragrance

Bond No. 9 is a fragrance manufacturer that takes inspiration from the vibes and scents of New York City. This American perfumer has created more than 120 unique fragrances to appeal to both men and women.

What are some of the Bond No. 9 unisex perfumes?

In 2003, Bond No. 9 launched its fragrance business with 16 different fragrances that aimed to capture the feel of New York City neighborhoods. While its offerings have grown, the neighborhood connection has remained. Some of the New York-themed options offered by Bond No. 9 include:

  • Bleecker Street: This perfume is a woody, fruity, and peppery perfume with patchouli and vanilla base notes that is inspired by a boutique.
  • Astor Place: Inspired by The Cube sculpture, this formulation has tones of red poppy, mandarin, violet, and freesia.
  • Broadway Nite: This is a floral choice with rose, iris, honeysuckle, and heliotrope elements. It is inspired by Broadway and the theater.
  • Central Park: This floral unisex aroma was inspired by the greenery of Central Park. It includes notes of bergamot, lemon verbena, jasmine, and cashmere musk.
  • Chinatown: The sweet and spicy "floriental" scent offers elements of tuberose, gardenia, peony, and orange blossom. The flacon is designed to evoke a Ming Dynasty appearance.
What is the I Love NY perfume collection?

Bond No. 9 offers a collection of perfumes with bottles adorned with the classic "I Love NY" slogan of the city. The series includes eight perfumes and is dedicated to the entire state of New York. Some of the unisex options available in the I Love NY collection include:

  • Holidays
  • Marriage Equality
  • For All

Single-gender perfumes, such as Him, Her, Earth Day, Mothers, and Fathers, are also available in this line.

Does Bond No. 9 offer aromas inspired by other cities?

While New York is at the heart of the Bond No. 9 message and inspiration, the perfumer does offer scents inspired by other cities. A few of these include:

  • New Orleans
  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Fire Island
  • Texas
  • Montauk
What perfumes are in the Dubai collection?

Bond No. 9 also created a Dubai collection inspired by the global financial and shopping hub. Some of the perfumes in this collection include:

  • Amber: An oriental aroma, this perfume includes notes of pink pepper, raspberry, jasmine, saffron, and amber. It is packaged in a gold-toned container.
  • Black Sapphire: Packaged in a black and gold bottle, this floral option includes Turkish rose, gurjan balsam, beeswax, and sandalwood notes.
  • Indigo: This unisex floral choice includes notes of lychee, bergamot, jasmine, and peony. It shares the gold, Arab-influenced design with others in the Dubai line.
  • Jade: With a green and gold flask in the unique Bond No. 9 style, this fragrance includes violet leaf, rose, cumin, and lily scents.
  • Citrine: This woody perfume shines in a yellow and gold flacon while its aroma carries notes of oakmoss, seaweed, geranium, and marigold.
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