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Your Guide to Bluetooth MP3 Players

The convenient wireless technology of Bluetooth MP3 players makes it easy to do everyday tasks while listening to your favorite audio on the go. These devices can be used at the gym, office, or in your vehicle. Find an assortment of new and used Bluetooth music players on eBay at a range of affordable prices.

What is a Bluetooth music player?

A Bluetooth MP3 is the same as a regular MP3 player, except there are no wires involved for a more convenient audio experience. Devices that are Bluetooth compatible can use Bluetooth technology to connect to each other. If you have a Bluetooth phone, you can connect it to the music player in your car. Likewise, a Bluetooth MP3 player can connect to a Bluetooth-compatible speaker. This connection is enabled through the use of radio waves rather than the typical cables or wires usually associated with media devices. Sometimes, Wi-Fi may be used in order to connect the devices as well. Bluetooth technology is used in many audio-related products including headphones, speakers, and phones.

What are the different types of Bluetooth players?

These portable devices are ideal for use while running, allowing you to connect your music to your headphones without the intrusion of wires. If you use music applications that require an internet connection, consider an MP3 player with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for added convenience. Youll be able to hook up to your gyms Wi-Fi and stream your favorite music as you workout.

Alternatively, you may want a Bluetooth MP3 player for your car. If you find it frustrating dealing with the clutter of wires surrounding your middle console, then a wireless MP3 player can provide some relief. A Bluetooth player in your car allows you to connect to your phone or stream from applications. Youll be able to listen to your audio books or music while cruising down the road.

How do you select a new MP3 player with Bluetooth?

Selecting a Bluetooth MP3 player is primarily about quality and features. Well-known brands that manufacture these devices include Samsung, Sony, and Apple. Youll want to consider sound quality as well as connection quality when finalizing your purchase on eBay. Some features of a quality Bluetooth player will include:

  • Wide range of online music services for convenient streaming
  • Speakerphone option that does not require hands-on use
  • Voice recognition to easily access your phone without pressing any buttons
  • Remote control provided to maneuver through options
  • Input and output options for non-Bluetooth-compatible devices