Blue Mountain Arts Greeting Cards and Invitations

People enjoy receiving greeting cards that celebrate their birthday and other special occasions. Whether you are looking for a funny card to cheer up a friend, or a heartfelt greeting for your beloved, the broad range of Blue Mountain greeting cards available ensures you can find just the right way to express your feelings and nurture connections. Consider a few points before making your choice.

What occasions do Blue Mountain Arts greeting cards observe?

There are a multitude of reasons to send a greeting card. From Valentine's Day to birthdays, they help you stay connected to the people you care about, whether they are across the street or across the country. Blue Mountain Arts offers greeting cards for:

  • Weddings, anniversaries, graduations
  • Birthdays, holidays, Mother's and Father's Day
  • Thank you and sympathy
  • Love, romance, and friendship
  • Encouragement, thinking of you, and just because
What card formats do Blue Mountain Arts offer?
  • Classic side-opening greeting cards convey sentiments on the cover and inside pages.
  • A-frame styles are easily displayed on an entry table or shelf.
  • Trifold greeting cards are beautifully arranged on a mantle or side table.
  • Wallet size Soul Mate greeting cards are easily left in your beloved's bag or pocket.
What special designs do Blue Mountain offer?
  • Blue Mountain's Suzy Toronto line features black and white borders, watercolor illustrations, and fun, encouraging sentiments.
  • The Windows of the Heart line features a stylized window on the cover over a beautiful blended watercolor background.
  • The artisanal Handmade line comes on mulberry paper with cut openings, jute accents, and hand-torn edges for a unique greeting anyone would love to receive.
  • The Children of the Inner Light line features black and white illustrations of sweet characters and poetic sentiments. The scalloped edges and beribboned charm included make these greeting cards a gift in themselves.
  • The Occasion Gallery line has a hand-crafted look featuring artisanal paper and watercolor images.
How do you choose an appropriate Blue Mountain greeting card?

Taking into account the format, style, sentiment, and intended receiver will help you decide which Blue Mountain Arts greeting card to give.

  • Start with the particular event you want to celebrate.
  • Note the intended receiver's age and relation to you. Many options specify messages for family members and friends.
  • Choose sentiments that match what you want to convey. Are you looking for poetry or a sincere sentiment, or do you want a more colorful, funny thought? You can also find blank cards to write in your own greetings or communicate with a longer letter.
  • Decide on the number of pieces you want. Cards can be purchased individually or in packets of up to 250, ideal for weddings or holiday messages.