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About Blank VHS Tapes

If you're a devoted VHS enthusiast, you've likely encountered the challenge of sourcing blank tapes to fuel your passion for vintage video recording. The hunt for these essential relics of analog nostalgia can sometimes feel like searching for buried treasure. Fear not, though; eBay is a veritable treasure trove for VHS fans, offering a diverse array of blank tapes ready for your vintage video camera or faithfully recording your cherished programs.

With eBay's vast marketplace bustling with numerous sellers, you'll discover what you need at a price that won't break the bank. Should your quest extend beyond blank tapes to finding a VHS player for sale, eBay's extensive listings will likely have what you are looking for.

Maximum recording capacity of blank video tapes.

Videotapes on eBay come with various maximum recording times. The cost of the tapes is often a reflection of these times. You can purchase tapes with a maximum recording time of:

  • 2 hours
  • 4 hours
  • 6 hours
  • 8 hours

There are two types of blank VHS tapes for sale on eBay

Tapes that were never used are usually in their original packaging and tend to be more expensive. On the other hand, used tapes have had their content deleted by the seller. They are often cheaper to purchase than new tapes. In addition, the deletion process does not affect the quality or the ability of the VHS tape to record your new content.

Types of VHS video tapes.

There are slight variations when it comes to VHS video tapes. You can get:

  • S-VHS: S-VHS stands for super VHS. This is a version of the standard VHS tapes with an improved level of recording. This type of VHS has a color under a modulation scheme with better luminance and resolution. It also has an increased bandwidth of luminance.
  • VHS: Standard recording videotapes with an average resolution and performance.
  • VHS-C: This is a compact videotape format that is used mainly for consumer analog video cameras. The format of the functioning of the tape is the same as the original VHS. It can be played in a VHS player using a VHS-C adapter.

Resolution of VHS video tapes.

Compared to modern video technology, VHS is around 333x480 pixels in luma and 40x480 chroma resolution. This would be equivalent to the 0.16 MP resolution of today's recording devices. These values are for the standard VHS. Of course, the later versions of VHS, like S-VHS, have a higher resolution due to improved quality.