Bikini Swimwear for Women

Show Off Your Body With the Right Bikini

It can be a little intimidating to shed your clothes and wear a bikini on the beach or at the pool if you're not perfectly happy with the way your body looks. However, there are bikinis that emphasize your curves in a flattering way and cover the areas you'd like to hide. Whether you're looking to get a tan or look more athletic on the beach, there's a bikini out there for you.

What kind of bikinis are available?

Since July 5th, 1946, when the daring two-piece swimsuit was first revealed in France, designs and styles have exploded. There are many different kinds of swimwear that can show off your body in just the way you'd like and match your mood. Here are some bikini designs to consider if you're looking to stand out on the beach.

  • High-rise bikinis/Thongs: Choose high-rise bottoms to make your legs look slightly longer or if want more of a tan and need as little coverage as possible. For an all-around tan, purchase cheeky-bikini bottoms and G-strings.
  • Boy-cut/Skirts: If you'd like to wear swimwear that gives you an athletic look, choose boy-cut bottoms, and to look more feminine, go for skirt bikinis. The beauty of skirt bikinis are the choices: straight, wide, vintage, or even ruffled. Another reason for skirt bikinis is to give you an eye-catching hourglass figure.
  • Padded/Ruffle tops: Heavily designed tops can include padded bikinis, print tops, or ruffle tops.
  • Underwire tops: Underwire tops and those with thick straps are ideal for providing extra support. Bikinis that have straps that go around the neck are good options for extra support, too.
  • Solid bottoms: If you'd like a bikini that offers a lot of material in the lower section, go for the solid-bottom bikini. You can also match a solid bottom with a printed top.
  • Bikinis that cover your stomach: If you'd like to cover your midsection, you have two options. You can select a high-waisted bottom that covers your belly button or a one-piece swimsuit.
  • Low-rise bikinis: Low-rise bikinis are beneficial in that they lengthen your torso and show off your stomach. These are great if you have a tattoo you'd like to expose.
Is material important when selecting swimwear?

One of the important details to look for when selecting your swimwear is its ability to bounce back to its original shape. You also want to avoid any fabric that holds too much water, as it will weigh you down and start to sag. Nylon and Lycra (a brand name for spandex) are two materials that are good to blend for swimsuits.

Polyester and polyamide are additional materials to look for. High-quality swimwear will be mostly made from nylon and be about 10-20% spandex. Alternatively, it can be about 80% polyester and 10-20% spandex.

What bikini designs can you find?

Bikini styles come in as many designs as you can probably imagine. Some swimwear patterns available on eBay include:

  • Solid
  • Floral
  • Striped
  • Animal Print
  • Ruffles
Should you purchase a pre-owned bikini?

New swimsuits are often very affordable, so price is often not the main reason to choose a pre-owned bikini. However, if you're looking for a name brand or a style that isn't available anymore, you can consider purchasing a pre-owned bikini. Pre-owned swimsuits may have stretched, so make sure to select one that hasn't been worn very often.