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Bath Bombs & Fizzies for a Relaxing Mother's Day

This Mother's Day, gift your mom some well-deserving relaxation. Bath bombs and fizzies can make for great Mother's Day gifts. You can find the right bombs for her on eBay by browsing through its huge selection

How do you choose a bath bomb?

There are many different types of bath fizzies to choose from. Some ideas on how to choose a suitable one include:

  • Scent: Many bath bombs are infused with a fragrance, so pick one you like. The range of scents include flower fragrances, perfumes, fruit scents, and no scent at all. Some scents are good for relaxing, while others may promote wakefulness. Some bath fizzies are made with essential oils, which may help to ease stress.
  • Size: Pick the size bath fizzies that fit with how long you plan to take a bath. A large bath bomb will take a while to dissolve, making it last for long soaks. A small one can be used for a shorter bath or to perfume a sink filled with water.
  • Conditioners: There are a variety of ingredients that can be added to bath bombs to help condition your skin. Essential oils provide fragrance, but they also may soften your skin. Additions like oatmeal can help to smooth and exfoliate your skin. Moisturizers in your bath bomb can last long after your bath is over, so choose ones that fit your skin's needs.
  • Effects: If you are planning a special soak, consider bath fizzies with additional effects, such as glitter or iridescence.
  • Color: You can turn your bath almost any color with the right fizzie. Some colors you can find include blue, pink, purple, green, orange, and many more.
How do you use bath bombs or bath fizzies?

Here are a few tips:

  • Choose a bath bomb that is fresh.
  • Run your bath, then unwrap your bath bomb. You can place your bath bomb in the tub and wait for it to dissolve or drop it in while you are already soaking. The citric acid will rapidly create small bubbles in the water.
  • Allow the bath bomb to dissolve completely. Mix the bathwater with your hand, which will disperse any oils evenly.
  • If your bath bomb contains moisturizers, do not rinse off after your soak is done. However, if it contains glitter or dyes, shower before you exit the tub.
  • Be sure to rinse out your bathtub to ensure that the bath bomb leaves no residue or glitter.