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Bali 100% Cotton Panties for Women

For women's underwear, 100% cotton panties from Bali are an option. These Bali 100% cotton panties for women are available in a variety of cuts, sizes, and colors to fit your body and personal style. The all-cotton material can be cleaned with detergent and is lightweight.

What styles of cotton panties are available from Bali?
  • Brief: This classic cut provides full coverage for daily wear. The waist sits high, usually just above the belly button, and the rear is fully covered. The leg openings sit low at the widest part of the hip. Additionally, this option provides some tummy control when worn under high-waisted pants.
  • Hi-Cut: As the name implies, a hi-cut panty is cut high on the thighs. The front and rear provide full coverage, and the waist on these underpants is high.
  • Boy short: If you're wearing low-rise pants or any item with a waistline below your navel, you may prefer boy shorts. Although the waistline of these underpants is lower by about three inches, the leg openings sit at the thighs, just as with traditional briefs. This option provides full rear coverage as well.
  • Hipster: Hipsters also have a low waistline but their leg openings sit much higher on the hips. Many women find the rear coverage of this cut is sometimes less than on a traditional panty.
  • Skimp Skamp brief: One of Bali's briefs available in cotton, for those who prefer that natural, lightweight material, is Skimp Skamp. Skimp Skamp is designed to be invisible under clothing and to move with you in any position. The cool cotton version contains only a hint of spandex to improve flexibility. It is available in the full range of colors as the regular Skimp Skamps.
How do you clean 100% cotton panties from Bali?

Cotton underwear that is cleaned with proper care can last. Before you wash them, turn the garments inside out. Then launder them with warm or hot water. You can add a small amount of bleach if necessary. Adding fabric softener can reduce static cling on your underpants. Dry the cotton panties on the low or medium heat setting.

How do you find the right size in Bali's panties?

Bali underwear is measured using traditional U.S. women's underwear sizing. Most of their cotton panty styles are available from size 5 to 9. To find your size, measure your waist at its narrowest point and your hips at their widest point. Use an online size chart to determine your size using these measurements.

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