It is common knowledge that Avon excels in cosmetics, but did you know Avon has products for everyone in your home, and even the home itself? Whether you are looking for fragrance or skin cream, holiday decorations or jewelry, the wide variety of products offered by Avon makes finding what you need easy. Taking a few things into account will help you select just the right Avon products for your home.

What kind of products does Avon sell?

Avon sells goods for men, women, and children, and every room in your home from the kitchen to the bathroom.

  • Cosmetics, skin care products, and fragrances
  • Clothing, shoes, and jewelry for men, women, and children
  • Home decor items, linens and collectibles
  • Toys and games
  • Dishes, containers, and kitchen gadgets
What kinds of cosmetics are available?

Avon offers a myriad of cosmetic options.

  • Matte and glossy lipstick, lip balm, and lip gloss
  • Pressed powder and liquid foundation
  • Eye shadow, eye liner, eyebrow color, and mascara
  • Blush and blemish concealer
  • Nail polish and nail care implements.
What Avon products contain retinol?

Avon's Anew line offers several anti-aging skin care products containing retinol. The centerpiece of this line is the four-step routine: cleanse, treat, moisturize, and apply eye cream.

  • Platinum Night cream
  • Clinical Line Eraser for fine lines, deep wrinkles,
  • Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment
  • Clinical Thermafirm Face Lifting cream
What fragrances does Avon make?

Avon offers fragrance collections for men and women.

  • The Far Away collection features an alluring blend of jasmine, orange, and freesia and includes women's perfume spray and skin cream in bottles and tubs with an attractive pink and black oriental design.
  • The floral Haiku collection for women includes Kyoto Flower, Reflection, and Sunset, and comes in perfume spray, shower gel, lotion and cream.
  • The woody, spicy Mesmerize cologne for men is available in a spray, hair and body wash, and aftershave conditioner.
Which Avon product repels mosquitoes?

The popular Avon Skin So Soft line offers moisturizing mosquito repellent in spray, lotion, and towelettes. The line includes repellents with a sun protection factor of 15 or 30.

What other products for the home does Avon offer?
  • Movie-themed dolls and toys
  • Bubble bath for children
  • Kitchen utensils, small appliances, nesting food containers, and serving trays
  • Holiday plates, mugs, and ornaments
  • Fun bath and kitchen cloths and towels

Considering the broad range of Avon merchandise available, their intended uses and your family's needs can help you decide which Avon goods to purchase.