Automotive Open End Wrenches

When working on the engine of an automobile, it is important to use a wrench to unscrew nuts and bolts. There are many types to choose from, including open end wrenches. These steel tools come in a multitude of sizes and have a non-adjustable head that can come in both standard and metric measurements.

How do you use an open end wrench?

An open wrench is pretty easy to use. You dont need to fit them inside of a slot; instead, you wrap the end directly around the nut or bolt you want to remove. This allows you to apply a lot of torque to the bolt when unscrewing or screwing it.

Once you have inserted the wrench, screw to the left to remove the bolt or to the right to tighten it. You will need to place the wrench on the bolt to get the proper size. Theres no quicker way to do this than going one-by-one from your set. This should help you find the tool for the job.

How do automotive open end wrenches differ?

The major differences between each wrench are the looks and sizes. Some types may have a plastic guard on the handle that makes it easier to use. Others have no guard and require that you hold the steel surface directly.

Some users may prefer a head with grooves cut into the sides. These grooves help you hold on to the nuts and make them easier to remove. All of them should have a thin view that makes it easier to get the wrench head on the nuts or bolts of the auto engine. You can also use them to ratchet various parts of the engine.

How are open end wrenches sized?

As mentioned previously, you can find an open end wrench in both standard and metric sizing. The type that you use should match the measurement system used for your vehicle. Most produced in America or for the American market are likely to use standard sizing. This is why you should use a set of open end wrench models that corresponds to the system used where you live. If you have an imported vehicle, it is essential to find an open end wrench that matches the cars measurement system. For example, a Mercedes will likely need tools that have metric measurements.

Unlike adjustable tools, the sizing of each of these items cannot be changed. If you have one that is 1-1/8 or 1-5/16 inches, it will remain that way. Metric wrenches will have their sizing indicated in millimeters or centimeters.