Automotive Combination Hand Wrenches

Combination wrenches are an essential tool, making auto repair possible and serving a variety of purposes in and out of the garage. Ensure you always have the right tool for the job, with a full set of combination wrenches. From ratcheting combination wrench sets with a full range of head measurements to the single wrench you need to complete your collection, you can find hand wrenches in a variety of sizes and styles.

How do you choose a good combination wrench set?

A good combination wrench set is an excellent addition to any tool collection, garage, or auto repair shop. Choosing the right set requires careful consideration to make sure you get exactly what you need. Keep the following in mind when purchasing a combination wrench set:

  • Wrench length: The length of your wrench can have an impact on how and where you use it. Long wrenches are often preferred in auto repair because they can reach farther into engines and other places that are hard to reach.
  • Measurement type: Most combination wrench sets come in either SAE standard or MM metric measurements. Choose the measurement type that will fit for your purpose, or look for a set that offers both standard and metric wrenches.
  • Material and finish: Combination wrench sets come in a variety of materials and finish options. Select a wrench set made from a strong, durable material and decide between polished, matte, or black oxidized finishes.
  • Special features: Some combination wrench sets offer special features, including ratcheting sockets, multi-measurement, varying ranges of sizes, and more. Choose a wrench set that offers the features you want.
What is the difference between a SAE and MM wrench?

SAE and MM combination wrenches both serve the same purpose and are similar in many ways. They both have hex or six-sided heads to remove bolts, and they both come in ratcheting and non-ratcheting styles. The difference is in the measurement system the wrench is designed for.

  • SAE combination wrench: SAE or the Society of Automotive Engineers wrenches are based on the United States standard inches measurement system. An SAE combination wrench will come in inch and inch-fraction sizes. These types of wrenches are primarily used on American-made vehicles.
  • MM combination Wrench: MM or millimeter wrenches are based on the metric measurement system. A metric wrench will come in millimeter measurements. These wrenches are used on imported cars and on some American-made vehicles.