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AudioQuest Home Audio Cables and Interconnects

No audio system can work without the proper cabling. Between moving speakers around the room, swapping out different elements of the system, and all the other adjustments that goes into getting everything tuned just right, cables have to be an appropriate length and durable enough to last. AudioQuest offers a variety of the cables and connectors, from HDMI cables to RCA cables to digital interconnects and much more.

What does an AudioQuest speaker cable do?

As you start to consider speakers for your home audio, you will find that they require a different kind of cabling. Speaker cables and speaker wires are specifically designed for maintaining the quality of audio signals. They are necessary for connecting speakers to each other and are designed specifically to aid in amplifying sound. They are also necessary for connecting the speakers to the receiver or amplifier that is powering your system. It is important to check the documentation for each model of speaker and amplifier to ensure that you have the proper cables.

What do AudioQuest audio adapters do?

Sometimes, you might unknowingly purchase speakers without noticing that they don't use the same cables. This is especially common if you are mixing and matching from different brands. In other cases, it might be a deliberate choice if you are dedicated to getting a certain model even if it does not work with what you already have. In these cases, you can use an AudioQuest adapter to bridge the gap. These allow you to convert between mini and RCA or USB A to USB B, for example. An AudioQuest adapter can also split a signal from one source to two different outputs, which is a good way to distribute sound around a room for a party. Of course, you'll still need to make sure that your amp is providing enough power to each output speaker when you take the split into account.

How long should audio cables be?

In general, you want to get cables that are as long as you need but no longer. The longer it is, the more potential for tangling there is. Measure out how long the cable needs to be, leave a little bit of extra space for breathing room, and make that your goal length. AudioQuest cables come in standard sizes, so you can find what you need at the appropriate length quickly.

What does the AudioQuest product line include?

The AudioQuest product line includes:

  • HDMI
  • USB
  • RJ/E Ethernet
  • Optical/Toslink
  • Digital coax
Analog Interconnects
  • Bridges and Fall Series
  • River Series
  • Elements Series
  • Subwoofer cables
  • Tonearm cables