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Audio Splitter Cables

When you're looking to purchase audio splitter cables, the many available options may make the shopping process seem overwhelming. There are many fantastic sound signal splitter options available. Understanding what kinds of cables are available, how to use them, and what applications they serve can be a good place to start.

What are audio sound splitter cables?

Audio splitters allow you to connect two speakers or pairs of headphones into the same sound signal import jack on an electronic player. They are commonly used for mini speakers, CD players, sound cards, stereos, smartphones, and MP3 players. Using these sound signal splitting cables is a great way to enhance the sound of your device, create a surround sound effect or share music or other sound-related media with another person using headphones.

Audio cables of this kind can also be utilized in a variety of music-related or multimedia type situations. When used for events where sound needs to be amplified, cables are used in conjunction with different types of adapters to increase or enhance the sound of an electronic player, stereo system, computer, projector, or instrument by routing its sound signal through more than one audio projection source by connecting a device to larger amps or speakers.

How do you use these splitters?

To use audio splitters, simply connect the male input end of each pair of headphones or other male cables into the accepting female jack of each corresponding side of the splitters. Exactly the same way you would insert phones into any other jack or electronic player.

Be sure to purchase splitters that have the same size jack as the input end of your device. When using audio cables, make sure that they are clean and dry at all times. Dust or debris can cause interference or inhibit the ability of the cables to form a proper connection. Be aware that static electricity may also cause an issue when splitting the sound signal of some electronic components.

What kinds of audio splitters are there?

There essentially three main types of sound splitters.

  • Sub-mini plug: Sub-mini TRS jacks are usually 2.5 millimeters wide and are the smallest kind of jack or input cable.
  • Mini-phone plug: Mini-phone TRS or TRRS jacks are very common. They are seen with headphones and smartphones, with the exception of some Apple Macintosh brand products which use a different type of jack. These cable connectors are usually 3.5 millimeters wide.
  • Phone plugs: These are your large TS or TRS jack cables. You will see them with electronic instruments, large amplifiers, and other heavy-duty sound equipment. They are typically 6.3 millimeters wide.