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Create a Home Theater With Atlantic Home Audio Speaker Stands

In order to have a successful home theater experience, having quality surround sound speakers is a must. Atlantic provides adjustable speaker stands with the right mounts for fitting speakers of different shapes and sizes. When connected to the correct cables, they create a movie theater experience in ones very own living room.

What other tasks do the Atlantic speaker stands perform?

Because of the slim design of these stands, any cables or wires used to connect the speakers and the home theater system are somewhat concealed. The speaker stands can also fit satellite speakers as heavy as five pounds.

Where should you place the speakers after unboxing?

For a complete surround sound effect, it is important to make sure that the speaker stands are adjusted to be off-axis by about 90 degrees, or in the shape of the letter L. The mounts with the speakers on top of them should be approximately two feet above the average persons ear level. By doing this, the rightfully placed speakers may create a stereo effect that makes the viewer feel like they are in a cinema watching a movie.

What are the dimensions of the Atlantic stands?

There are a variety of models and styles of speaker stands, but these home speaker stand may dimensions such as the following:

  • A weight of 11.5 pounds
  • A width of 11.9 inches
  • A height of 49.3 inches
  • A depth of 10.9 feet
What types of speakers do the adjustable speaker stands hold?

The most common type of speaker that the Atlantic speaker stand holds is a satellite speaker. This is the standard that is used in this type of system. They are as heavy as five pounds on their own. This does not present an issue for the stands, however, because they are made out of cast iron, a sturdy material that can withstand heavier objects and provides the durability needed Because of this design, they can not only hold them in a tight and compact space, but can also do it for a lengthy period of time without fear of breakage.

What groupings can speaker stands come in?

These speakers can come individually or in groups. In some cases, these stands may come with an entire system. The entire package typically involves the speakers, the speaker stands, the system, and any additional wiring or cables needed to connect everything.

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