What Can Arriflex 35mm Movie Cameras Can Do For Your Production?

ARRI has been producing camera units for film studios since 1917. The company has sold many cameras that were used to record many award-winning films. Some of the more popular cameras that the company makes are its 35mm cameras. The models ARRI makes here include Arriflex choices.

What Are Arriflex 35mm Cameras Made For?

Your 35mm camera can work as a B or C camera. It may be used for second unit shots or for when you need to shoot video on a movie device. The Arriflex model is also made for silent film shots where you can sync sound features later on. Your camera can also utilize Steadicam functions. The motion picture camera is designed to help you produce the supporting shots you want to use.

What Models Does ARRI Have?

ARRI has produced numerous 35mm models over the years in its Arriflex series. Here are a few options:

  • 35IIC: The 35IIC features a detachable viewfinder that supports an anamorphic format. The camera also uses magazines that can handle 200 to 500 feet of film.
  • 35IIC HS/B: This is a high-speed model that shoots film at up to 80 fps. A tachometer is included to measure the movement.
  • 235: The Arriflex 235 is a lightweight model designed with Steadicam functions in mind. It supports Super 35 camera film and uses a 54mm PL lens mount.
  • 435 Xtreme: Designed with action shots in mind, this Arriflex setup can shoot at up to 150 fps. It offers a narrow shutter range down to 11.2 degrees. LDS contacts are included on the 54 mm lens mount.
  • 35BL-III: This is for indoor silent cinematography. It uses an isolated PL mount.

Film Stock Supported

Arriflex cameras are available with support for multiple types of film stock:

  • 2-Perf: Short for two perforations, the 2-perf format is a silent model with a 2.4 aspect ratio. The Arriflex 235 can support this 35mm standard.
  • 3-Perf: Available on select models, the 3-perf standard uses a 1.78 aspect ratio.
  • 4-Perf: The Arriflex 235 and 435 can use a 4-perf layout with 1.33 silent film stock.
  • Super 35: The 4-perf layout includes the edges of the two adjacent perforations at the top and bottom. The image frame is slightly larger as the negative space used for an analog sound track is utilized for the image.

Additional Features to Find In Your Camera

Several features must be explored as you look for an Arriflex unit or a camera package:

  • Power cable support: ARRI has 24V cables for use on its cameras. Each cable links to a battery setup that powers up the device.
  • Filters: Many ARRI models can handle filters that go through their lenses. These include filters that are designed to support a clear color layout.
  • Matte boxes: A matte box can be applied to the front part of the lens. The box helps to block the sun's glare to keep it from impacting the image quality.
  • Tripod support: A tripod can be applied onto the top of one of these ARRI models. The base of the unit should be reviewed to see how well a tripod can be applied.