Los gabinetes y cajas eléctricas de Aluminio

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Aluminum Electrical Boxes and Enclosures

Whether you are interested in a solution to protect circuit boards for industrial use or simply an antenna for home use, you can easily do so with a standard or custom enclosure. The main purpose of an electrical box enclosure is to prevent electrical shock to users while allowing you to mount switches and displays for home or business use. Besides protecting the users, these boxes also protect the contents from the environment. Whether you are only interested in an aluminum enclosure to protect the contents or are also looking for an electrical enclosure that is pleasing to the eye, you can find a multitude of types on eBay.

Why Should I Choose Aluminum Electrical Boxes Enclosures?

Electrical enclosures are available in multiple materials, ranging from rigid plastic to metals like stainless steel and aluminum.

  • Metal enclosures such as aluminum are very common choices because they do a good job at protecting the contents from the elements while having a very long lifespan.
  • Aluminum enclosures are often lightweight, which makes them easy to transport and install.
  • They are easy to clean and they don't rust, which makes them ideal for outdoor use.

Are Aluminum Enclosures Standardized?

Many of the mass-produced aluminum electrical enclosures have standard dimensions, but you can also find customized enclosures.

  • The type and size you need depend on the dimensions of your equipment.
  • Depending on the purpose of the enclosure, you may want to choose a model that comes with partially punched openings that you can remove to accommodate connectors and cables.
  • Some models have multiple doors and windows, which may come in handy if you want to be able to take a look at the contents without having to open the enclosure every time.

What Types of Enclosures Are Best for Noise Blocking?

Overexposure to noise may become an issue in industrial settings, but sometimes, you may be interested in reducing the noise in domestic or small business settings as well.

  • For an enclosure to be effective at noise blocking, the interior should be covered with acoustic wool or another type of absorbent material.
  • The outside of the box should be a solid and dense material, such as aluminum or stainless steel.
  • To reduce the amount of noise, the contents should never touch the actual enclosure.
  • All electrical enclosures come with a ventilation system to prevent the equipment from overheating, so make sure the noise doesn't escape by fitting the air inlets and outlets with suitable silencers.
  • Make sure you install the enclosure as far away from an actual place of work as possible to reduce the level of stress caused by noise.