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Allen Gun Cases

Allen manufactures a variety of gun cases to store different types of firearms. Their gun cases include rifle cases and shotgun cases for storing or transporting long arms. Allen gun case models are made from a variety of materials and may include additional features or accessories that meet your storage and shooting needs.

What types of Allen gun cases can you choose?

The company produces cases that fit firearms of varying sizes. The most common types of cases you can purchase from them include:

  • Handgun cases
  • Rifle cases
  • Shotgun cases
  • Hard cases for each type
  • Soft cases for each type
How many guns can you store in a single case?

Depending on the size of the guns you want to store, you may be able to fit more than one in a particular model of case. Some models of Allen rifle or shotgun cases have room for you to store two or three rifles or shotguns at once. They also produce several handgun case models that can store up to four guns at once.

What materials are used in Allen gun cases?

The two most common materials the company uses for these tactical cases are leather and polyester. You can also purchase a case that has your preferred color or pattern.

What are the extra features included in tactical cases?

If you are looking for a shotgun, rifle, or handgun case with a specific set of features, you can choose a model that has one or more of the following common options:

  • Attached scope compatibility. This feature refers to a rifle. It allows you to keep the scope attached to your rifle while storing the weapon in the rifle case.
  • A lock to keep the tactical case closed securely.
  • Extra magazine storage for rifles and other guns.
  • A 'takedown' style case.
What is a takedown gun case?

An Allen takedown case is a tactical storage device that is designed to carry a long gun in its broken-down form. For this reason, takedown cases are primarily rifle cases and shotgun cases. Takedown rifle cases may be compatible with more than one type of long gun as well. Typically, these cases are shorter than standard shotgun or rifle cases as they are no longer carrying full-length firearms. These cases can be made of leather or polyester materials, be hard or soft, and come in muted, neutral colors such as black.

How do you maintain a tactical rifle case?

If you've purchased a leather case, you can follow the same basic rules you would for cleaning any leather items:

  • Mix a solution of lukewarm water with mild dish soap.
  • Dip a soft cloth into the solution.
  • Wipe the exterior of the case.
  • Remove all traces of soap.
  • Dry the case with a towel.