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Pontiac Grand Prix Air Intake Systems

Pontiac Grand Prix air intake systems are designed to supply the right amount of air to the engine cylinders in your Pontiac sedan or coupe. Air is needed to complete the combustion process of fuel in the engine to make the Grand Prix run. If you are going to be working on your Grand Prix air intake system, here are some things you should know.

How is the air intake system made?

The air intake system on a Pontiac Grand Prix consists of four separate parts.

  • Air filter: The air filter acts as a strainer to remove debris and impurities from the intake system of the car. This stops the impurities from entering the intake manifold and clogging up the cylinder heads and throttle body. The strainer sits in a plastic box and is connected to the intake manifold via a plastic duct.
  • Mass flow sensor: The mass flow sensor is used on cars like the Grand Prix that have a fuel injection system. The sensor measures the amount of airflow going to the engine and adjusts the flow according to those measurements. The right amount of air and gas mixture is necessary for the combustion process to occur to power the engine. There are two types of sensors available: vane and hot wire. The first type of sensor uses two vanes to control the air flow, while the second uses wires hanging in the plastic intake duct to measure the heat inside the intake system. When it gets too hot, the sensor opens up the air flow. When it gets too cool, it restricts air flow.
  • Throttle body: The throttle body allows air to rush into the intake system when you press down on the accelerator pedal. The accelerator also increases the amount of gas flowing to the engine, and more air is needed to make sure the right air/gas mixture is maintained for the car.
  • Intake manifold: The intake manifold has separate small ducts to redistribute the air coming from the intake system to each cylinder to maintain the proper air/gas mixture needed for combustion.
What other parts are used in the air intake system?

Some Pontiac Grand Prix coupe and sedan models also use an air intake cleaner PCV valve tube. The tube does not supply or monitor the air in the intake system. Instead, this part pulls air from it and sends it to the PCV system. The air flowing through the PCV system helps to remove fumes and vapors in the engine and creates negative pressure in the engine. The negative pressure reduces oil consumption and helps to deter leaks.