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Pontiac Bonneville Air Intake Systems

The air intake system is an important component of your Pontiac Bonneville sedan. These accessories provide your vehicle with the means to draw air from outside the car into the cab and other areas as necessary. Understanding how these systems work can help you replace the car parts that go bad, thus keeping your Pontiac Bonneville in top shape.

How do Pontiac Bonneville air-intake systems work?

Most air-intake systems are constructed from metal and molded into a tube-like design. This structure gives you a greater degree of customization for your Pontiac car, allowing you to modify it to suit your personal tastes. These devices are usually coated to match the color scheme of your Bonneville. Air-intake parts are available in two main varieties, though their function remains largely the same.

  • Standard air-intake systems are designed to allow air from outside your Pontiac Bonneville to reach its engine block. These devices provide your Bonnevilles engine with a steady stream of clean oxygen for the combustion process. They are essential components for both a working engine and in maintaining a good air-to-fuel ratio. A proper ratio of oxygen and fuel is necessary to get good mileage results from the vehicle.
  • Cabin air-intake systems feed air from outside into the cab of your Pontiac. From there, you can change and monitor the temperature of your cars interior, thus setting up a controlled environment for your comfort.

The three main parts of your Bonnevilles air-intake system include the filter, flow sensor, and throttle body.

Because your cars engine needs a precise mixture of air and fuel, its important to replace any of those three main components if you notice any defects. Otherwise, your Pontiac may experience a serious drop in performance, including power and fuel efficiency.

What are signs of a bad air intake system?

Your Pontiac needs a fully functional air-intake system to perform at high levels. If any part of that system is faulty, the car will be unduly taxed and expend more fuel than necessary. These problems will compound over time to reduce the overall performance of your car. Its important to recognize the common signs of a failing air intake and its parts so you can replace them as soon as possible.

  • Any leaks in the ducts, tubes, or other parts of the system will allow dust and debris from the road to enter your Bonnevilles more sensitive areas. These contaminants will erode the interior of the engine and reduce your gas mileage. They may cause other problems as they build up over time. If you notice that your mass flow sensor is reading incorrectly, it could be an air leak.
  • If your intakes ducts are cracked, the resulting air-to-fuel problems will cause your Pontiac to stall when you attempt to start it.
  • Loud whistling or hissing noises also point to a bad intake system.