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Honda Civic del Sol Air Intake Systems

Your Honda Civic del Sol’s air intake system is a vital car component. It allows air to reach the engine, improving performance and allowing your Honda Civic to get better gas mileage. If it’s time to replace or upgrade your Honda’s air intake system, it’s important for you to purchase parts that will work with your car’s make, model, and year.

What are air intake systems?

Air intake systems are units that allow air to reach the Honda Civic del Sol’s motor while you drive. They are used in manual and automatic transmission vehicles.

A car’s motor needs the oxygen that’s in the air for the internal combustion process to work. An effective air intake system will provide for the continuous flow of clean, oxygenated air into a Honda’s VTEC engine. Air intake systems are located behind your car’s front grille and improve fuel economy.

What are the components of a Honda air intake system?

Air intake systems are composed of three main parts that work in tandem to draw the correct amount of clean, oxygenated air into the motor bay.

  • Air filter: Located in a small metal or plastic box, this part filters out dirt and debris from the air. By preventing tiny particles from entering the motor, the filter prevents damage to your Civic.
  • Mass flow sensor: This sensor determines the density and amount of air that is allowed to flow into the Honda Civic del Sol’s motor. It tells the del Sol’s computer system how much fuel should be deposited into each of the vehicle’s motor’s cylinders.
  • Throttle body: The throttle body controls how much air is allowed to flow into the car’s motor.
What are the types of air intake systems?

There are three main types of air intake systems. If you need to replace your system, you can choose between the standard intake system your Honda Civic came equipped with or opt for a performance-grade system, such as a cold air or ram air intake system.

  • Standard air intake system: Your del Sol comes equipped with a standard air intake system that draws air through a tube and into the Honda’s motor. It uses an air box equipped with a replaceable paper filter.
  • Cold air intake system: A cold air intake system works by drawing in cooler air from outside your Honda Civic del Sol’s motor bay instead of using the warmer air that’s already inside it. This improves your motor’s performance.
  • Ram air intake system: A ram air intake system takes the dynamic air pressure created by your Honda del Sol’s motion and uses it to increase the static air pressure inside the motor. This increases airflow through the motor.