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Pontiac Bonneville Sensors

Sensors help keep your Pontiac Bonneville sedan functioning properly. When a sensor falters, it is your responsibility to make sure it gets replaced properly. Understanding various details will ensure you get the right sensor parts for your car.

What do sensors do?

Sensors on these Pontiac models are responsible for measuring or calculating details about the environment that the sensor is placed into. The information goes up to your instrument panel on the dashboard to tell you pertinent information. Information may also be sent to your car’s computer so that adjustments can be made to internal combustion, exhaust levels, and much more.

What are the different types of sensors?

Various sensors are found inside of the Pontiac Bonneville. Each one is responsible for different statistics.

  • Fuel level sensor: For detecting how much fuel is in your tank so that you can fill up before it goes empty
  • Tire pressure sensor: Reads how much PSI is in your tires so that you can make necessary adjustments
  • Oil temperature sensor: Identifies the temperature of the oil to determine if it gets too hot so that you don’t cause engine damage
  • Throttle position sensor: Sends critical information about throttle angles to your vehicles computer
  • Oxygen level sensor: Detects how much oxygen is going into your engine to impact combustion
What is an OEM sensor?

Manufacturers identify themselves as an Original Equipment Manufacturer if they produce the parts that are then marketed by the car manufacturer. OEM sensors for a Pontiac Bonneville are those that were used in the production line at the factory. They will be high-quality sensors that are designed specifically for your Bonneville. The alternative to OEM is aftermarket, which encompasses all other brands.

How do you install a sensor on your Bonneville?

The sensor installation process depends on where it is located. Some sensors are easier to access than others. Additionally, some sensors are plug-and-play while others need to be synchronized to the computer within the Pontiac Bonneville. It is always a good idea to follow the instructions within the owners manual of your Pontiac so as to make sure the installation goes as smoothly as possible.

How do you select sensors for a Pontiac?

Reviewing a few details will make it easier for you to get the necessary sensors for your Pontiac Bonneville.

  • System: Review what system you need to buy sensors for.
  • Model year: Identify the model year of your car to ensure you get a sensor that fits properly.
  • Kit: In addition to the sensor, you can get mounting hardware, wires, seals, and other accessories for installation.