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Mazda MPV Sensors

Your Mazda MPV minivan is dependent on various sensors to keep it running properly. If a sensor needs to be replaced, its important to get the right part for your particular model of van. Learning more about these parts will make it easier to get what you need.

What are some of the different sensors?

There are all sorts of sensors found inside the Mazda MPV. Some are responsible for the cars function while others provide convenience.

  • Engine coolant temperature sensor: Reads the temperature of the engine coolant in the radiator
  • Oxygen sensor: Identifies how much oxygen is flowing into the sensor
  • Fuel level sensor: Tells you how much fuel is in the tank so you know when its time for a fill-up
  • Rain sensor: Identifies the amount of rain hitting the windshield to adjust the speed of the wipers as you drive
  • Manifold air pressure sensor: Identifies the pressure in the intake manifold for combustion
How is a sensor installed in a Mazda MPV?

Sensors are often plug-and-play, which means that you remove the existing one and plug in the new one. The computer in the vehicle then senses the new part and calibrates as needed without any additional input from you. The installation process will vary based on where the sensor is located. You should always follow the instructions found in your owners manual.

How does a sensor communicate information?

Mazda MPV Sensors communicate information by sending it to your vehicles computer. Some sensors have receiving units in the instrument panel on the dashboard, too. This will give you such information as the speed youre going, how much fuel is in your tank, and the temperature of the engine. If a sensor is showing that there is a problem, your computer can react. If the sensor sends the information to the instrument panel, it also allows you to react appropriately, such as by slowing down or getting your MPV fueled up.

What does OEM mean?

OEM is an abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Parts that are identified as OEM are Mazda genuine parts, just like whats used at the factory as well as in dealerships. When you buy OEM, you know that youre getting parts that will fit your MPV. Alternatively, aftermarket parts can also fit your vehicle and provide a high-quality replacement.

How do you buy sensors for your MPV?

Your Mazda depends on sensors throughout every system. By identifying a few details, you can get the right part.

  • Run diagnostics: Determine what sensor needs to be replaced.
  • Check model year: The model year and trim level will determine the specific part for a good fit.
  • Consider a kit: Some kits have mounting brackets, wires, and hardware needed for installation.