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Ford F-150 Sensors

The F-150 pickup truck is a well-known mid-size Ford that is used for light-duty hauling, towing, and other applications. The pickup truck is equipped with a variety of sensors that are designed to convey essential information to the computerized controlling system of the motor. These sensors control the trucks fuel flow, fuel economy, and emissions.

What are the types of engine sensors for Ford F-150?
  • Manifold air pressure sensor: Ford trucks with fuel injection use a manifold air pressure sensor in order to calculate the density of the air. That information is used by the engines computer to determine the right flow of fuel for proper internal combustion.
  • Mass airflow sensor: The mass airflow sensor is used in order to calculate the mass flow of air into the engine and balance it with the correct flow of diesel or gasoline fuel. The gasoline or diesel engine uses it in conjunction with the electronically controlled fuel injection system.
  • Oxygen sensor: The oxygen sensor is used in the gasoline or diesel engine pickup in order to calculate the amount of oxygen that is in the vehicles exhaust. It is also used to optimize the functioning of the F-150s catalytic converter.
  • Throttle position sensor: The inductive or magnetic throttle position sensor relays information about the position of the throttle to the Ford F-150s motor and transmission so that it can respond with an appropriate increase in power and torque. It is located on the butterfly or spindle shaft.
How do you choose F-150 sensors?
  • Choose a manufacturer: Sensors for the F-150 are made by Ford, AC Delco, Bosch, Cardone Industries, Denso, Motorcraft, and NKG. There are also unbranded sensors available for the Ford truck.
  • Select an individual sensor or a kit: Select just the sensor or a sensor with the required pieces of wire and connectors to install into your truck.
  • Choose the type and placement on the vehicle: Select a sensor based on where it needs to be placed on the vehicle, such as in its diesel or gasoline engine or close to the exhaust system.
How does the F-150s oxygen sensor work?

The Ford F-150s oxygen sensor is a flat disk that is made of ceramic and coated with a thin layer of platinum. It measures the air-to-fuel ratio in the internal combustion engine in real time. It calculates the oxygen concentration by comparing the level of oxygen in the exterior air and in the exhaust. This information is used in a closed-loop feedback system to make changes to how the fuel injection system delivers diesel or gasoline. It is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions along with the catalytic converter. If the sensor is affected, it may cause the Ford F-150 to release more nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide, and the exhaust may leave the pickup at a higher temperature. If the sensor develops a problem, a light is illuminated on the dashboard panel. Replacing the sensor is key to ensuring that the Ford F-150s emissions meet the Environmental Protection Agencys standards.