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Ford Escort Sensors

To tell you what you need to know, your Ford uses sensors to communicate in a way that you can understand. There is a sensor for almost every system in your Ford Escort.

What types of sensors are available for a Ford Escort?

Your Escort possesses a wide range of sensors to monitor all aspects of its operation. As the systems on the Escort tended to change from year-to-year, its important to select the sensor which matches the model year of your Escort.

  • Mass Air Flow Sensor: This sensor measures how much air is flowing into the Ford Escorts engine. It directs the Escorts computer to adjust the amount of fuel being injected into the air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber.
  • Oxygen Sensor: This sensor essentially acts as a mass air flow sensor after the combustion has taken place. It measures how much unburned oxygen is exiting the vehicle, and then allows the computer to adjust the air/fuel mixture.
  • Throttle Position Sensor: This sensor measures the position of the throttle butterfly valve. This valve opens and closes depending on how much you are accelerating. Again, this controls the amount of air that is allowed into the Ford Escorts engine to control combustion.
  • Barometric Pressure Sensor: This sensor measures changes in the barometric pressure due to weather and altitude changes. This is so it can adjust the fuel trim and engine timing for proper combustion.
Who makes Ford Escort sensors?

Given the market for these sensors, there are both Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM, models and aftermarket models available. You can get a new OEM model, or you can purchase a second-hand OEM model thats been pulled from a donor car. If you purchase a second-hand Ford sensor, be sure to check the mileage and other details of the Escort it came from. That way, you can find a good sensor that will last you.

How do you replace an oxygen sensor on an Escort?

Oxygen sensors keep your fuel mileage optimal and your catalytic converter running well. To complete the repair, youll first need an oxygen sensor remover tool for your Ford Escort. It is slotted to go over the Ford Escorts sensor wires and lock onto the sensor bolt.

  • Remove the heat shield by removing the four bolts holding it in place.
  • Disconnect the oxygen sensors electrical connection.
  • Slide the oxygen sensor removal tool over the wire. Then, using a socket wrench or breaker bar attached to the tool, break the oxygen sensors seal to the engine block.
  • Install the new sensor by screwing it into place by hand, tightening it by using the oxygen sensor tool. After that, reconnect the electrical connection.
  • Finally, re-install the heat shield, and then test for proper operation.