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Dodge Dakota Sensors

Your Dodge Dakota depends on a variety of sensors to help it function properly. If a sensor goes bad, your goal is to get it replaced quickly. Understanding more about the sensors will help you to get the right parts for your Dakota.

What are some of the different sensors?

There are many sensors that provide information to you and to your pickups computer.

  • Throttle position sensor: Identifies the angle of the throttle for the vehicles transmission.
  • Oxygen sensor: Identifies the amount of oxygen entering the intake manifold.
  • Manifold pressure sensor (MPS): Reads the pressure inside of the manifold for combustion.
  • Fuel level sensor: Reads how much fuel is inside of the fuel tank.
  • Oil temperature sensor: Measures the temperature of the oil in the Dakotas engine.
How does a sensor share the information it reads?

Sensors are hooked up to the pickup in various ways, depending on what kind of sensor it is. Most are hard-wired, though some will communicate with receiving units located elsewhere. Some sensors will send information to your trucks computer so that adjustments can be made automatically. Other sensors send information to the Dakotas control panel so that you can make manual adjustments as you drive, such as with speed or fuel levels.

How do you replace a sensor?

Replacing a sensor is generally an easy process, though it depends on where it is. You will need to locate the sensor, which often means reviewing your owners manual, as they may be located in different places depending on the specific Dodge model you drive. There may be wires and/or mounting brackets that have to be disconnected. From there, many parts are plug-and-play. In the event that its not, you may have to get it programmed to the Dodges central computer.

What are OEM sensors?

OEM is the abbreviation for original equipment manufacturer. This identification is given to parts that are made by the manufacturer to be specifically branded by Dodge and are put into vehicles at the factory, making them genuine parts. You can also choose aftermarket, which includes all other brands out there. Youll just want to ensure these parts fit your particular make and model of vehicle.

How do you buy the right sensors?

You need to review a few details to ensure you get the right parts for your Dodge Dakota.

  • Specs: The model year and trim level play a part in ensuring you get the right sensors.
  • Sensor: Identify the exact sensor that needs to be replaced by running a diagnosis on your truck.
  • Brand: Determine if you want a genuine or aftermarket part.
  • Kits: Many kits will contain the sensor as well as mounting hardware, wires, and anything else needed for installation.