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BMW X3 Sensors

Sensors play a vital role in the air intake and fuel delivery aspects of your BMW X3. If a sensor breaks, its imperative that you get it replaced quickly. Knowing more about the sensors and what they do will make it easier to get what you need for your BMW X3 or X3 xDrive28i.

What are some of the sensors in a BMW X3?

There are many sensors throughout the BMW X3 and BMW X3 xDrive28i vehicles. A few that impact the air intake and fuel delivery are of particular importance and include the following:

  • Oxygen sensor - This reads the amount of oxygen in the exhaust.
  • Air flow meter - This measures the amount of air flowing into the intake.
  • MAP - This records the pressure inside of the intake manifold.
  • Knock sensor - This sensor measures the vibrations occurring during combustion.
How do the sensors communicate data?

The sensors are connected via wires. There may also be receiving units located elsewhere in the vehicle that sends the data. All of the data is received by the main computer of the BMW X3. From there, the computer determines how to make adjustments automatically to ensure the engine is performing properly, such as by making sure it maintains the proper fuel/air ratio according to BMW specifications.

How do you replace a sensor?

If you need to replace a sensor, turn the engine off, and disconnect the battery. Locate the sensor, whether its under the hood or near the fuel tank. Disconnect all wires, and then remove the faulty sensor. Replace it with the new part, and then reconnect the wires. Most of the time, the sensor will be automatically recognized by the computer, though some advanced programming may be necessary.

How do you buy sensors for a BMW?

When you are buying sensors for a BMW, its important to review a few details to ensure you get the part(s) that you need.

  • SUV specs: Be sure to identify the model year and engine type so that the sensor works properly.
  • OEM or aftermarket: Determine what brand you want to buy.
  • Kit: Some kits include wires, mounting hardware, and other accessories to help with installation.
What is OEM?

OEM is the identification given to genuine parts. If you buy OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts for your BMW X3, youre buying genuine BMW parts that were made specifically for the manufacturer and are the same as what was installed at the factory. The alternative that you can buy is aftermarket, which is inclusive of all other brands that may provide you with compatible parts.