Ropa étnica africana

African Cultural and Ethnic Clothing

African cultural and ethnic clothing is identified by the bright colors used. The designs feature two to five colors, all of which are analogous. You can find many styles of African wear to add variety to your wardrobe.

What are some common types of African clothing?

The styles vary across the continent of Africa, with each country and tribe having their own important identity. However, the most famous traditional clothing comes from West Africa. Here are some notable African clothing worn by people all across the continent:

  • Dashiki - These are colorful dress shirts that are designed for men. Dashikis are worn all across the continent, and they can be used for formal and informal occasions. They can also be tailored as part of a suit.
  • Bobu robes - These are part of the African mud cloths. The clothing is often made with animal print designs and is worn by men.
  • Kaftans - These are similar to bobus robes, but they are worn by women. The designs have remained unchanged since the days of Cleopatra. However, you can still get a kaftan to suit your own look.
  • Gold lapa - These clothes are designed in a golden yellow color. They are often worn with head ties.
  • Kufi - These are short and rounded caps that are designed without brims.
What can pair with African prints to complete your look?

Of course, you can wear African clothing from top to bottom. You can also choose to mix African and Western dress for a different look. Here are some items you might want to buy in addition to your traditional wear:

  • Pumps - You can wear a pair of pumps with a short, African-style dress for an exotic look.
  • Statement ornaments - You can also wear statement accessories with your African clothes.
  • A simple striped shirt - You can wear a Western shirt with an Ankara skirt.
How do you choose an African ankara dress?

The ankara African print is one of the most famous symbols of African culture. Here are some factors to consider when shopping for these dresses:

  • The style - These dresses can be long or short to allow more room for creativity. For example, you can choose to wear a short and tight African print dress. When choosing your style, consider the occasion in which you will wear the dress. Also, consider the type of shoes you intend to wear with the dress.
  • The collar design - Your Ankara dress can have a V-shape or circular collar, and some designers have made dresses with collars that drop low enough to show cleavage.
  • The color and pattern - Ankara dresses are usually designed with two or more colors, most of which are bright.
  • The sleeves- The sleeves can cover your entire arm or fall slightly below your elbow. You can also get a dress with shorter sleeves that lie above the elbow. Some designs don’t have any sleeves.
  • Your size - These dresses will look great if you go for the right size. Make sure the collar size is about a quarter inch larger than your actual neck size.