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5-Step Process for Windows 7 Installation

While some people are laptop die-hards, others equally prefer working on PC. in fact, most organizations, especially media houses prefer to work with PCs.

If you have a PC or laptop running on Windows 10 and have been wondering how to update your PC to Windows 7, then youre in luck because your solution is here.

How do I acquire Windows 7?

You need to download your free Windows 7 key and the Release Client DVD-ISO. You can either visit the Microsoft website to access the key or download from Microsoft.

It is recommended that you select the 32bit version because the N270 ATOM does not support x86_64(amd64) extensions.

What do I do for flash drive preparation?

Considering the Windows DVD size is 2.35 GB, get a 4 GB flash drive for this procedure.

  • Open your diskpart to prepare your flash Disk
  • Open the command prompt (Start >> Run >> cmd)
  • Once prompted at command, open diskpart by typing \"diskpart\" and then press enter
  • Run the List Disk command. A display of the devices, available on your Asus machine will pop up.
  • Next, run select disk #, # here being the number thats associated with your drive.
  • Next, type clean and your partition table will be cleaned out.
  • From here, type in create partition primary, to create a new partition
  • Type in, active to mark your partition as bootable.
  • From here, format your drive using the command, FAT32 or FORMAT fs=ntfs. If you like, you can add quick right after NTFS for a quick format.
  • Lastly, type in assign so that Windows can assign a mount point for your drive.
  • Quit to exit the bootpath.

Back at the command prompt, we now need to insert the Windows 7 drive. There are two ways to do this: You could either use an ISO mounting tool to mount the disc image or burn the image to a disc.

Once the image has been loaded, we will run a file on disk. To do this, type i or d then type cd boot

Next, run bootsect/ nt60 writedriveletter writeldriveletter being the letter of your flash drive.

Your flash drive is now ready for the files. Now, copy all the contents of the Windows 7 disc and save them on the flash drive.

How do I complete the Windows 7 installation?

If you have the Asus Eee PC, then you must now that it has an 8 GB OS drive and another drive is also available for files. Laptop users can consider getting a hard drive for back up.

Once done, youll have about 1 GB left on your OS SSD. That being said, it is not necessary to run compact. Its however advisable to back all your files up before this installation begins. Lets begin the installation now.

  • Reboot your Eee PC
  • Then insert the flash drive
  • Once the POST screen starts showing, tap the ESC button.
  • The boot menu will show; select the USB flash drive.
  • The installation will automatically start.

During installation, format the 8 GB OS SSD so that your device installs the Windows 7 together with your files. You will however not need to do this if your Asus device has a hard drive.

Once the boot is complete, consider installing the right drivers then enable Windows Classic theme. This will disable any unwanted services on the Windows Services panel. Optionally, you can install the latest firmware version on your Eee PC BIOS.

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