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Jeep TJ A/C and Heater Controls

If the air conditioning or heating system in a Jeep vehicle needs enhanced cooling or heating components, you can upgrade or replace damaged or defective parts with a suitable temperature management product. Four Seasons, Mopar, and many other brands engineer products for the Jeep TJ that can raise and lower temperatures in a cabin. The most common A/C and heater controls for the TJ include panels, switches, and knobs.

What are Jeep TJ panel options?

TJ panel pieces with temperature management knobs are designed with hardware that manages cold air and heat in a cabin. All panel parts have three knobs on the main housing, and each dedicated piece directs air to different zones. Because the housing on a panel is strategically measured, you can easily mount a proper unit on a dash. Once a panel is in place, it wont wobble because it has a convenient vacuum harness.

Multiple management options are found on a typical panel, and you can access different modes by rotating each knob. The main air conditioning knob regulates temperatures while the fan is in use, and the blower knob manages heat when the heating equipment is operating.

What are Jeep TJ switch options?

A vacuum switch product can be considered if you need help managing heat levels. These pieces are convenient because they direct hot air to specific locations in a cabin. For example, if various passengers in your vehicle have cold feet in certain zones, a heating and air conditioning vacuum switch can project heat to the vulnerable zones. Switch hardware can also provide benefits during driving situations in icy environments, as the part can distribute heat around a windshield. This means that a proper product can enhance how your defrost equipment operates. Jeep TJ switch products generate consistent results in hot and cold weather conditions because theyre designed with a professional-grade motor.

How are air conditioning and heater panels constructed?

The panel on a typical unit is constructed out of a commercial-grade, plastic material. This professional-grade housing can handle the harshest weather conditions and intense temperatures. If the temperature rises in the Jeeps cabin, the housing wont warp or fade because the plastic is tough and durable. The electrical components and accessories that power the main panel hardware are also dependable as theyre placed underneath a tough, thick housing. Rain, ice, and other environmental elements wont harm the wiring because the rubber material keeps the electrical lines shielded. Also, because the housing is flexible, it doesnt tear or damage easily.