3 Phase Electrical Transformers

What to Know About Other Electrical Transformers With 3 Phases

There are a lot of benefits of purchasing 3-phase electrical transformers. Waiting to replace a failed device can be catastrophic for a facility operating in the distribution of electricity or in the manufacturing industry. Fortunately, eBay can provide a medium for business owners in this sector who are looking for a quality system when time is of the essence.

What are some reasons to consider 3-phase electrical transformers?

There are many logical reasons for purchasing a new or refurbished unit on eBay. The term ?refurbished? can lead some to believe that the unit is secondary to brand new; however, this is not the case. Refurbished transformers are serviced by professional electrical technicians and are put through rigorous testing to meet or exceed industry-manufacturing standards. For this reason, purchasing a new or refurbished 3-phase transformer on eBay can reduce the risk of a significant loss in:

  • Business
  • Power outage
  • Circuit and voltage malfunctions
  • Downtime
What components are serviced on a refurbished unit?

In a typical refurbished 3-phase unit the technician will service components like voltage switches, gaskets, fuses, bushings, and replace the fluid in the entire device. A battery of electrical tests will be performed to check if the unit has the proper voltage, AC circuit, electric coil capacity, and all other electrical power components. The unit is then thoroughly cleaned, primed, and painted.

What types of business can use these transformers?

Many utility companies and industrial plants of all sizes utilize the services on eBay for replacement 3-phase transformers. The prices are fair, and the units, whether new or refurbished, provide an immediate solution to a problem. Businesses buy from eBay because their sellers have a solid reputation in this sector, and they provide a quality replacement unit that not only will work but can be purchased immediately.

What are additional benefits of these units?

The additional benefits of replacing other 3-phase electrical transformers with a rebuilt model is that it allows the business to put an existing system back into service. This application is not only good for the environment, but it also allows companies to utilize their own inventory without purchasing out-of-service systems from retailers.

When businesses purchase their replacement transformers on eBay, they can see the listed price, shipping fees, return policies, warranties, and the technical applications. Additionally, some units come with technical assistance and customer support.