Almohadas de cama de plumas 100%

100% Feather Bed Pillows

Feather bed pillows are a durable way to get a good night's rest. They are easy to maintain and range in levels of firmness in order to meet the needs of all sleepers. The feathers in the pillow work to regulate temperature and offer gentle support while you sleep.

How long does a feather pillow last?

When properly cared for, feather pillows can last for ten years or more. Daily fluffing and proper maintenance increases their longevity. Mend tears and wash them every six months, at a minimum. Cotton liners also increase longevity.

How often you go to bed and sleep on your pillow also affects longevity. One way to tell if it is time for a replacement is to fold the pillow over. If it folds easily and the fill doesn't get fluffy or soft when it is unfolded, then it is time for a replacement.

How do you wash a feather pillow?

Dander and other contaminants are left on your bedding while you sleep. These contaminants penetrate cotton and other fabrics and get caught in the pillow's fill. Remove the pillowcase and wash your feather or down pillow every six months, at least. No matter the type of fill, cushions can be machine-washed, just like other kinds of bedding.

When washing a pillow that is filled with feathers or down, use a washing machine that does not have an agitator. Agitators are in the center of some machines and damage pillows. No matter what kind of washer you use, check for any tears in the casing. If the cotton casing is torn, feathers will spill out and repairs are almost impossible. Using a small amount of laundry soap, wash your feather-filled bedding on the delicate cycle.

How do you dry a feather pillow?

Wet feathers stick together. When left to dry on their own, they will clump. To maintain fluffiness, place a few tennis balls in the dryer along with your load of bedding. You can also stop the dryer and remove any clumps during the dryer cycle.

How firm are feather pillows?

Down pillows are known for their lightweight and soft nature. But when firmness is a priority, make certain to choose a pillow filled with true feathers. Down pillows are not as firm and neither are combination down and feather pillows. Use cotton pillowcases to keep feathers from poking out.

What are the different types of feathers in pillows?

Pillows can contain 100% feathers, a combination of feathers and down, or 100% down. The main difference between these fill types has to do with how soft they are. Down feathers are soft, lightweight, and line the area closest to the bird's body. Feathers are large plumed coverage that birds use to fly. Both types are water resistant and capable of maintaining consistent temperatures. However, a 100% true feather fill offers a greater amount of firmness than down pillows.